War Rooms


War Rooms are the best kept secret of companies that consistently win bid for tenders or key acquisitions. War Rooms are extremely effective and formidable tools for untrapping useful information hidden inside your own company. They are great for motivating project groups and for focusing the efforts of company employees towards a common strategic goal.


  • What is a War Room? Applications in strategy and in management of operational projects (new product development and launch, market penetration, competitive bidding, fast track technological catch-up, mergers & acquisitions, strategy definition and implementation).
  • Real life cases will be discussed in: energy, electronics, automotive, software, food, retail, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace. Hundreds of photos of real war rooms will be commented.
  • Key concepts. Mapping strategic information. Management of ignorance. Identification of sources. Interview techniques. Techniques for sharing information. How to involve decision makers. How to align operational staff. The secret power of iterative prototyping.
  • Dozens of practical tips: Managing the War Room. How to choose the team project leader and the steering committee. How to manage confidentiality. How to get started. Review of common problems and how to overcome them.


  • This training is for operational and strategic decision makers + their direct reporting staff in the following areas: sales, marketing, strategy, business development, research and development.
  • It is also very useful for an “internal champion” -at any hierarchical level- who needs to start a war room and must convince and involve his/her top management.


  • One day. On request: an extra “hot-start” and “hands-on” day for your team to get your war room running.
  • Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.