Testimonials from BNP Paribas, Accenture, Rhodia/Solvay

We trained a team of bankers from BNP Paribas in charge of launching a new business within the bank. We coached them over several weeks at the operational level. Here is a testimonial of the Director in charge of sales :

  • “We have learned important things that we did not know. If we had known this at the launch of our business, we would have saved a few years in reaching our target market share.”

We trained 1000 managers of the audit and consulting company Accenture in their company campus in the USA. Here are participants’ testimonials:

  • «An excellent and stimulating presentation.»
  • «Mr. Marti is an excellent presenter. It was a wonderful way to finish our seminar.»
  • «I learnt more from Mr. Marti’s presentation, than from the rest of the course. His message was excellent.»
  • «Rather than telling us what we had to do, he told us why and gave precise examples of situations which we could be faced with.»
  • «Mr. Marti has an excellent way of putting the message across!»
  • «Of all the external presentations, his is the one I liked the most!»
  • «Thank you! An excellent speaker with excellent content!»
  • «By far the best presentation of the seminar. I encourage you to reprogram it again and again!»
  • «I loved the message!»
  • «Excellent !!»
  • «A superb speaker!»
  • «Interesting subject and clear presentation.»
  • «A fantastic session!»
  • «Mr. Marti is right. Now we need to change the company’s culture!»
  • «I very much enjoyed the stories he told.»
  • «One of the best contents of the course.»
  • «He was an excellent presenter who managed to captivate everyone with his theories and examples.»
  • «Yves-Michel is a fantastic presenter who used concrete examples to pass on his message. He should come back every year!»
  • «Great work. He used real life situations and simple overhead slides to get the message through. Very good work!

We trained 100+ managers of the chemical company Rhodia on several of their manufacturing sites in France, the UK and the USA. Here are some participants’ testimonials:

  • «I loved the humor, and the philosophical and human perspective»
  • «Concrete examples. I will be more systematic in the management of my contacts.»
  • «This conference has opened my eyes and enabled me to bring order to a process and methods that we do not use nearly enough. A very enlightening presentation!»
  • «I learnt the importance of asking the right questions.»
  • «I will be able to better identify the relevant sources within my environment.»
  • «A wealth of experience and examples. To be repeated.»
  • «A presentation brought alive by the experiences of the speaker.»
  • «Mr Marti’s open mindedness towards existing and evident aspects of the company, which are not always formalized»
  • «I appreciated the anecdotal approach rather than “brain-numbing” theory. Excellent references.»
  • «Very rich experiences from the speaker. Interesting anecdotes. I took notice of the importance of networks and relations.»
  • «A very solid approach both theoretical and practical. I will pay more attention to my weaker zones.»
  • «A very complete historical view of competitive intelligence.»
  • «Very good background. Well chosen images and examples. Experience.»
  • «This conference has improved my ability to distance myself from the business and the way in which I treat information. I will be able to better handle the key elements of my work.»
  • «Many illustrations by example.»