Optimization of Human Relational Networks


What is the difference between a star banker and an average banker? Between a star lawyer and an average lawyer? Between a star salesman and an average salesman? Apart from their technical competences, it’s their network! We will present here techniques and tools for building and managing strong relational networks.


  • Analysis of real-life cases: Network building strategies and techniques used by famous and powerful people (from Rockfeller to Madoff).
  • Analysis of effective corporate human networks: Xerox, Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal, Hewlett-Packard, the Chinese diaspora, the Japanese Sogo-Soshas. Plus unexpected examples such as the Catholic Church.
  • Methodologies: How to build your relational network and maintain it. How to be recognized and participate in networks of trust. How to quickly identify the best experts regardless of their field. Difference between strong links (for influence and control) and weak links (for information access). How to transform an unstructured network into a community of knowledge. Knowledge retention: how to preserve the relational capital of someone who leaves the company?
  • Tools: Contact databases. Which software to choose? What information to store? How to maintain these databases? Leveraging social networks such as Linkedin and Facebook. Mapping and analyzing human networks.
  • Hands-on workshops.
  • Practical actions in order to get started next Monday morning.


  • This training is for any corporate professional with management responsibilities (not only technical, but also human).
  • It will be extremely useful for professionals who interface outside of the company (salespeople, marketers, business developers, lobbyists, etc).


  • One day. On request, we can organize a extra coaching day on network mapping and visualizing software.
  • Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.