In-house trainings


Magentine proposes several in-house trainings in Competitive Intelligence:

  • Essentials of Competitive Intelligence. The objective is to present clearly the key concepts of Competitive Intelligence. A sound understanding of the concepts adds a lot to the efficiency and effectiveness of the professional.
  • Optimization of Human Relational Networks. Everybody manages his own relational network. We teach here methodical, simple and common-sense techniques that are extremely powerful, for turning your network into a professional advantage.
  • Advanced Interview Techniques. The best information sources are human, but good technique is indispensable in order to get effective results.
  • War Rooms. A fantastic tool for sharing information, orienting teams to a common goal and ensuring an effective dialog with top management.

For all seminars, there is a theoretical part, followed by numerous real-life examples plus hands-on workshops on the participants’ chosen topics.