Essentials of Competitive Intelligence


Competitive Intelligence is the art of being well informed for corporate decisions at all levels: tactical and strategic. It is the best tool to avoid strategic surprises, win business and dominate competition. How can we practice it right? Where should we start? What are the best-in-class practices? Experience proves that a sound understanding of the concepts is essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of the professional. As Einstein said: “there is nothing more practical than a good theory”.


  • Best practices from history. The Delphic oracles. The republic of Venice. The Fugger bankers. The Royal Society. The great embassy of Peter the Great, etc.
  • Best practices from corporate models: Microsoft, Motorola, Merck, L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Tyco, Sogo Soshas, Swiss banks, etc.
  • Best practices as observed from investigation projects in many industries.
  • Key concepts: The intelligence cycle. Asking the right questions. Source identification and access. How to properly validate and analyze information. The importance of feedback.
  • Structure of a strong Intelligence corporate unit. Serving the right decision-maker. Surviving the info-glut. Early warning systems. Return on investment. How to start from scratch and with no budget.
  • Tools: Power Google techniques. Online databases. Networks of informers. Interview techniques. Conference drilling. War Rooms and War Games. Data mining and visualization.
  • Hands-on workshops on participants’ chosen topics.


  • This training is for any corporate professional with an interest in Competitive Intelligence, either as a practitioner or as a decision maker.
  • Mastery of the concepts of Competitive Intelligence is an essential part of modern management culture.


  • One day. On request, we can organize an extra day of practical workshops.
  • Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.