Advanced Interviewing Techniques


Being able to effectively interview other people is a critical skill-set in the corporate world, not only for salespeople and market analysts, but also for decision-makers at the

highest level. Identifying market trends, orientations of technology development, competitors’ and stakeholders’ expectations, depends on capturing quality information signals.


  • What can we learn from the interviewing techniques of policemen, journalists, lawyers, ethnologists, social workers, spies, counter-intelligence interrogators, psychiatrists,child psychologists, hostage negotiators, diplomats, corporate negotiators and social-engineering hackers?
  • Methodology. Analysis of the interview, its different phases and its key success factors. Practical psychological profiling. Techniques for building familiarity and trust. Theart of observation and asking the right questions. Elicitation and influence techniques. Tips and tricks.
  • Ethical limits to manipulation. Legal limits. Trade secrets and breach of trust.
  • Hands-on workshops.


  • This training is for any corporate professional with management responsibilities (not only technical, but also human).
  • It will be extremely useful for professionals who interface outside of the company (salespeople, marketers, business developers, lobbyists, etc).


  • One day. On request, we can organize an extra day of video-training.
  • Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.